Reesykle: The NextGen 100x Coin is Eco-Driven and Industry Disrupting

Miami, FL, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire ) Reesykle is a crypto ecosystem of eco-friendly blockchain-based products and services. Reesykle’s mission is to create an ecosystem that offers eco-friendly alternatives to existing products and services to help humanity transition to a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Thus, every product and service provided by the Reesykle ecosystem contains an environmental component that enriches the environment by using sustainable and innovative solutions.

Reesykle is much more than just an ecosystem that enriches the environment. We build strategic products and services with real-world use cases that allow our investors to diversify their portfolios with sustainable investment vehicles. For example, upon the release of Reelty (Reesykle’s decentralized real estate platform), investors will have the option of investing in real estate properties to gain positive returns, hedge their investment against market fluctuations, or own a piece of property that generates passive income. Given the nature of Reesykle’s interconnected ecosystem, investors will also have the option of trading their real estate investment on Bin (Reesykle’s decentralized exchange), allowing us to create a decentralized real estate market with no intermediaries.

Among many other things, the Reesykle ecosystem will also provide debit cards, a launchpad for eco-friendly crypto projects, an open API to allow developers to integrate Reesykle into their projects, and more!

Reesykle’s founder remarks, “We have a strategic lifecycle to enrich society beyond the dollar – Reesykle aims to enrich its holders and greater communities. It’s an experiment that tests humanity and inquires whether or not we want to have a livable environment for future generations – something that we have all seen being neglected for generations by powerful organizations for purely selfish gains. The Reesykle ecosystem has a challenging and purpose-driven journey ahead.”

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