Q&A: Delving into ecommerce service and technology

At 20, Delhi student Ishan Srivastava is hoping to build a diverse investment portfolio and then retire by 45 – Copyright AFP/File QUENTIN TYBERGHIEN Ecommerce is a growing area, popular with a cross-range of demographics. Many advocates of ecommerce see digital payments as offering a path towards greater financial inclusion.

To gain an insight into the workings of an ecommerce venture, the challenges and the benefits, Digital Journal caught up with Adrian Jones, Co-Founder of Evvio .

Digital Journal: Can you provide a brief background on Evvio?

Adrian Jones: Evvio is an emerging fintech company focused on next generation ecommerce technology. Our company is headquartered in New York and run by a global team based in the U.S., Switzerland and Asia-Pacific. We developed a family of patents that can transform current ecommerce by expanding opportunities to earn and spend, while eliminating the need for credit cards, bank accounts and traditional payment processors. The patents underpin Evvio’s Fluid Commerce, which expands ecommerce opportunities, while removing the inefficiencies of third-party fees as well as cumbersome transaction consummation processes that curtail ecommerce activity.

DJ: What is Fluid Commerce and what are its key benefits?

Jones: For ecommerce transactions, Fluid Commerce’s patented technology eliminates the need for credit cards, bank accounts and third-party processors. It allows anyone to earn and spend those earnings in ecommerce in a fast and secure way, irrespective of their banking status.

For a Fluid Commerce licensee, the key benefit is an expansion of revenue, by creating fluid (aka “frictionless”) transactions, that are immediate, cost less and are open to a greater number of market participants. For the customer and service provider, Fluid Commerce offers a user experience that is quicker, safer and minimizes value leakage.

In general, we categorize the benefits of Fluid Commerce as: Expansive: Expands ecommerce revenue […]

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