Passive income up to 800% in staking!

In this article, I will give you only exchanges. The passive income is done with Staking. Many exchanges offer where you deposit your cryptocurrency to receive rewards often of the same cryptocurrency in the end.

We will not talk about hazardous Farming, but we will speak of Staking. For example, I deposit USDT that I make available, and, during this time, I cannot trade it, then I will get additional USDT in compensation.

So, in general, when we talk about staking, we talk about annual percentages.

However, be careful with staking to check if it’s a blocked or not blocked staking.

That is to say that a Staking blocked if you are told you must Staking for 60 days, you can not necessarily withdraw your cryptocurrency before.

Also, you have to look at the cryptocurrency that you’re staking, because if you take a cryptocurrency that is destined to collapse, even getting the rewards will not necessarily allow you to make money in the end, because when you get your cryptocurrency plus the rewards in the future, maybe the total dollars will be less than the actual dollars that you invested in the first place.

So currently, you can get up to 800% return, but beware that these are not necessarily known and are considered risky tokens. Today, all the tokens around crypto gaming, DeFi, are tokens that can damn well fall, so consider that the gain is not necessarily acquired at the end. So you have to bet against the percentage, against the Crypto Tokenomics, and the project capacity exploded to make the best returns.

So these are statics that is at risk, but if you like this type of project, it’s worth doing some staking than letting your token sleep in a corner, because if the token collapses, you will lose less in the end, […]

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