nFLARE Technology Shines a Spotlight on a Unique Model of NFT Marketplaces

We are at a point in time where “NFT” is a household term. According to DappRadar, NFT market capitalization has passed $22 billion, a 22,000% growth compared to the same period a year ago. So as digital asset ownership seems to be reaching a peak, the question now is – what’s the next big thing for NFTs?

In the immediate future, the leasing and borrowing of NFTs as a source for generating passive income for owners and gaining added value for borrowers will take the center stage in the industry.

NFT leasing has been already starting to gain traction, mainly via closed environment scholarships on P2E games such as Axie or virtual land within specific metaworlds such as The Sandbox. These initial examples of NFT leasing functionalities, pushed by some of the top crypto projects in the industry, help solidify and direct the rise of an upcoming robust economy revolving around broader NFT use cases and utilities.

While these closed-environment NFT leasing protocols introduce a viable business model that provides appealing passive revenue streams, there is a bigger picture and a much higher potential for massive gains generated through leasing of NFT ownership rights, and this is where nFLARE DAO enters the frame: a self-governed marketplace for NFT asset rentals. A ®evolutionary new model of NFT marketplaces

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