Jason Simon provides insight into how to drive traffic to eCommerce platforms

The eCommerce space is constantly evolving and becoming more competitive, and eCommerce expert Jason Simon provides insight into how platforms can gain an edge.

Major brands understand that to close the sale. They need more than a picture and a description. They understand that to sell a lifestyle, and they must offer more and better content to their customers. Jason Simon is an expert in cryptocurrency and eCommerce, and shares creative content ideas to help business owners attract new customers through eCommerce.

Create native how-to content. A blog that showcases different products and shows their real-world applications. This will allow consumers to see the potential uses of the product and give credibility to its purpose. This is a great way to integrate substance into the shopping experience.

Another popular way to show how customers who purchased products are using them is to include user posts on the product page. Simon says that Instagram is one of the most reliable and easy ways to get information from customers. “Everyone loves to show off recent purchases, and Instagram’s tag capability will enable you to track your products in the real world,” he explains. “You can integrate Instagram and Facebook tags to your website with many applications available today. Use these tools to show off your products.”

Another popular way to showcase products in action is to create user-made videos. Make a YouTube channel and share it with customers. This is a great way for clients to showcase their products and draw attention to them. Potential customers can see the products again in action. Customers can be rewarded with discounts and other promotions to encourage them to submit videos for publication. It is easy to integrate into any eCommerce content strategy.

A great way to make your products page more useful, especially for technology-related topics, is […]

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