It is time for Nigeria to embrace e-commerce, E4Luxury boss, Ayodele Donye Samson

Contemporary businesses must move with time and that entails accepting cryptocurrency as payment. The call was made by the founder and Chief Executive Officer of E4Luxury Jewellers, Ayodele Donye Samson.

“Ecommerce has become the order of the day and this development inevitable brought about digital currency and the use of crypto currency which is useful for our kind of business whose clients are scattered all over the world,” said the E4Luxury boss.

Noting that the advent of social media has broadened the channels of marketing and sales of luxury stuff, he further disclosed how E4 Luxury has been utilising this new channels.
“More than 50% of the orders for our products since the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown have been coming to us via Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and our website, ” the E4luxury boss claimed.

Continuing, he said: “Such orders came from places outside the borders of this country including faraway countries in the Middle East.”

The E4Luxury CEO noted that despite that the company is located in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State in South West Nigeria, “we daily conduct business with clients in Lagos, London, New York and Dubai.”

As for delivering the order to customers, logistics companies such as DHL and GIG are employed by the company, he further declared.
“There is nowhere that is too far away for us to deliver an order. In recent years, I have had to travel to Dubai to personally deliver a high-priced jewel piece ordered by a new client . On several occasions we have used international couriers for shipments to far corners of the earth,” Ayodele Donye Samson outlined.
Accepting crypto payment, he claimed, made the transaction process simpler. “Clients all over the world can simply pay for our products without the usual hassles associated with non-digital currency,” he avowed

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