Introducing Mission20, world's 1st crypto token with its own E-commerce platform

Mission20 will bring e-commerce a step closer to Blockchain Technology through an open distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties in a decentralized manner that involves trust, faster transactions, no hidden costs, etc. With its launch in 2021, the Mission20 platform is going to start with the initial implementation of M20 (token). The company is also going to launch ecommerce websites and smartphone apps. Mission20 is basically a “Digital Asset”, a token which can easily be exchanged for other digital assets or currency, which uses Utility Token (M20) or cryptocurrency to make transactions happen. Currently, the company is at a nascent stage but its products are futuristic—Mission20 Shop, Mission20 Food Delivery, Mission20 Learning System and Mission20 Grocery Delivery (Web + Smartphone Apps). The company is betting on the multi-fold growth in the ecommerce market over the past few decades, which has shifted towards transactions done through cryptocurrency.

In the company’s words, “Mission20 is the bridge. We will develop a fully functional ecommerce marketplace that serves as a shop where buyers can purchase a variety of goods by paying with cryptocurrency, as well as other forms of payment . In addition to the marketplace, we are working on a Payment Gateway that can be integrated on partner and existing ecommerce websites, allowing the consumers the option to pay through cryptocurrency.” The company will encourage online transactions with the use of Mission20 tokens (M20). As part of Mission20’s rollout, the Learning Management System will also be streamlined to facilitate the creation of new users who will be able to study cryptocurrency and will know how to invest in it. The company is on a mission to “fix the inability of the existing ecommerce to benefit from the multi-faceted world of Blockchain Technology.”

Mission20 Shop

The most awaited platform is here – a cryptocurrency-enabled […]

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