Introducing Jonathan deJonk, 22-year-old Australian self-made millionaire and Ecommerce guru

Jonathan deJonk is a 22-year-old Australian millionaire and entrepreneur who made his fortune at age 16 in business, cryptocurrency and E-commerce.

Before hitting it big in business, Jonathan was a professional motocross racer. But, the high cost of the sport made him seek an alternative in business, a move that proved to be a masterstroke. Jonathan was 16 when he started his own business selling items for people, i.e. ( cars, furniture, electronics etc.). Taking a step down memory lane, Jonathan said: I would take a cut of what they sell for, and that is how I made my money. Over the years, it progressed into me buying and selling myself and learning how the entire marketing system worked.”

It’s worth mentioning that Jonathan schooled at Overnewton Anglican Community College in Melbourne and finished in 2018. However, life bestows everyone a unique gift and Jonathan’s was clearly not in academics but business. “I was never good in school, had terrible grades. The only class I took an interest in and did well in was business class”, Jonathan said. To his credit, he discovered that business is his forte and pursued it passionately.

However, just like every other endeavour in life, Jonathan had to contend with some challenges during his early days in business. “I have faced many, many challenges throughout my life, from failed deals to money lost, but it has all helped me to get where I am today, and I’m now able to help others avoid situations such as these,” he said.

With passion and intelligent decisions, Jonathan conquered these challenges. Today, he’s worth his salt in business. He has even spread his tentacles to Cryptocurrency and E-commerce, all of which he does full-time. “I know I could have expanded to other fields, but I chose cryptocurrency because I believe it’s […]

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