Innovation drives realty market post-Covid

Hyderabad: Technology has already transformed the real estate and construction industry in the past few years, now innovation is creating new opportunities in both commercial and residential segments. Post Covid-19, the realty sector has witnessed tremendous changes in promoting the properties.

The real estate companies are leveraging technology and innovation across various channels to continue their business in the challenging times. When compared to residential segment, commercial real estate has suffered more setbacks due to the uncertainty and remote working during the pandemic period and thereafter.

The commercial real estate developers have started adopting innovative strategies to improve the sales. Latest technologies like augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are being used in marketing to increase the business volumes. More companies are coming up with novel concepts to drive the growth in commercial real estate transactions.

Many startups are coming up with tech-enabled investment platforms to democratise commercial real estate ownership. Hyderabad-headquartered Square Select Estates offers virtual ownership of multiple commercial properties in and around IT corridors of the city. The investment range starts from Rs 65 lakh per sft.

Hyderabad-based startup Assetmonk has brought a tech-enabled real estate investment platform for democratising and simplifying the commercial real estate. It aims to eradicate major investor problems. It allows regular investors to invest in profitable Grade A commercial assets with a click of a button. It has investment opportunities from Rs 10 lakh onwards.

Prudhvi Chinta, Co-founder and COO – Assetmonk, said: “We are reinventing the traditional real estate investments with a modern approach. We understand every investor is unique and has different investment objectives and whether one is a value investor or passive income seeker, it is our primary responsibility to guide and propose them the best investment options.”

“Depending on the investment objective, one can explore investing opportunity from our […]

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