How a crypto payment gateway can drive business growth for ecommerce

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We’re speeding directly toward a digital-first global economy, and payments need to keep pace. A recent study from Visa found that 82% of SMBs surveyed plan to accept a digital payment option in 2022 because 73% see that these new forms of payments are fundamental to business growth. Almost a quarter of them specifically identified cryptocurrency as a payment option of the future. On the other side, nearly half of consumers say they’ll be turning to digital payments more often in 2022.

This is happening as small businesses shift toward promoting their online channels in order to stay competitive — and the majority of respondents say they’ll be relying exclusively on digital payments, while 41% say that’ll be the next two years — and 18% are cashless already. The global importance of digital payments

Turning to digital payments not only makes shopping cross-border easier than ever, but addresses the increasingly critical issue of financial inclusion. A staggering 1.7 billion adults have neither a traditional bank account or a spending account from a mobile money provider.

But 1.1 billion of those people have smartphones, and with cryptocurrency, they have increased access to secure ways to store and transfer value with the tap of a finger. One of the promises of cryptocurrency is democratizing access to investing, saving and spending. It has the power to transform economies, and is opening up opportunities for companies to expand their reach across the world. The rise of crypto payment gateways

Diversifying digital payment options attracts more customers. Crypto payment gateways let customers pay for products and services with crypto at retail locations, using most social messenger platforms, email, SMS or QR code, and any online ecommerce platform. Funds are sent instantly with the tap of a […]

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