GALA Crypto: Surging Over 80% This Week, Here’s What You Need to Know

The crypto market is recovering after topping out in mid-November. But it isn’t Bitcoin (BTC) making the headlines this time around. Instead, GALA crypto by Gala Games is exploding almost 80% in the past week as the play-to-earn (P2E) platform continues building momentum.

GALA crypto (GALA) is an Ethereum (ETH) token powering the Gala Games ecosystem. That said, players can earn rewards in GALA that they can use to buy things in the game.

For example, players can use GALA tokens to buy in-game items or transfer them to other users. The focus is to give users full control over their gaming experience using blockchain technology. That said, the P2E market is quickly gaining attention as it combines two of the biggest trends in gaming and NFTs .

With this in mind, the global gaming market is set to reach $545 billion by 2028. And as collectors look to flex their digital assets, NFT sales are soaring, earning over $41 billion in 2021.

Will GALA play a role in the metaverse ? Keep reading to learn more about GALA crypto and why the token is exploding in popularity. $5 Billion Ecosystem Injection The big news surrounding GALA crypto comes as the platform pours $5 billion into expanding its NFT collection. The gaming company is planning to use the funds accordingly: Gaming: $2B

Music: $1B

Movies: $1B

Theme Parks: $1B So far, the platform has 1.3 million active monthly users with 26,000 total NFTs sold. And its most expensive NFT sold to date is $3 million.The expansion is huge for GALA crypto, with NFTs gaining momentum in the mainstream among Wall St and Celebrities. The gaming NFTs can be used in-game to boost abilities and reward potential, promoting higher use.Moreover, music, movie, and theme park NFTs will help the community reach new markets. Having […]

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