Experimental eCommerce will transform the world of online shopping

Ankitt Gaur

Within a decade, shopping will undergo a greater level of change than it has in the past 100 years. Advances in technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, VR, augmented reality, and blockchain will make shopping more immersive and personal than ever.

Online shopping today is far from what is possible due to many unexplored possibilities. For instance, you want to buy a shirt or dress online but it is not possible to check the right size for yourself and you end up buying multiple sizes to finally find the best fit; or maybe a mobile phone of a certain colour and specs. What ensues is a nightmare of returns that the e-commerce infrastructure has to bear.

Off late, the concept of metaverse and NFTs have taken the art world by storm, but what we are not fully aware yet is that there is a fabulous utility that is under works to make online shopping much more interactive and much more like a real shopping experience. In the e-commerce ecosystem, stakeholder industries are spending billions of dollars seeking a solution to current challenges. In a blockchain-enabled metaverse, there might just be one.

Virtual Experiential Store in the Metaverse

A virtual store is a 3D rendition of a retail store much like stepping into a role-playing game such as Fortnite where you assume a role as a gaming avatar and complete tasks thrown at you by the game.

Only in this case, the 3D environment belongs to a brand that has displayed all its products – in digital format– much like their own stores in the real-world.

Here’s what the brand gets: No geographical limitations, unlimited access from anywhere in the world. The ability to sell, launch, conduct a pre-launch test, and more in digital format without the need to […]

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