“Experience X Performance” Tool- The key To Excelling In eCommerce And Web 3.0 Businesses By Agam Chaudhary

Agam Chaudhary August 8: With the advent of technology and newer practices introduced every day, it is important to understand which ones help businesses. Often, many eCommerce and Web 3.0-based businesses fail to excel owing to various factors such as lack of experience (poor checkout experience and product content, clunky website navigation, unsmooth process, etc.) coupled with failure to build a community (poorly devised and lackluster marketing plan to lay the foundation for a long-lasting relationship with customers). However, to tackle this, Agam Chaudhary, a serial entrepreneur possessing more than 15 years of experience, has aided in the transformation of numerous businesses. Agam vociferously believes in effectively harnessing the capabilities of Web 3.0 technologies and upscaling businesses.

Through his trademarked, proprietary formula & tool, Agam has aided numerous businesses in scaling new heights. Agam’s experience and credibility in providing his services stem from his successful startups – Two99marketing and Two99ecommerce. Over the years, Agam has integrated new-age technologies with other marketing practices such as events, print advertising, and OOH (Out of Home Advertising) to achieve the perfect blend of Experience and Community.

Agam believes in the beneficial and symbiotic nature of relationships between businesses and end customers brought in with the revolutionary Web 3.0 technology. In his proprietary formula, Agam explains the significance of Experience and Communities – two entities affected by different values and directly proportional to each other. This is intended to improve the user’s experience to increase loyalty and turn them into advocates for the brand, thereby contributing to the community.

As per the formula, there are several factors such as the level of search being conducted (brand/category/query); ease of navigation combined with a rich look and feel to ensure hassle-free interaction; and use of appropriate and effective hooks to increase customer retention that add to the overall experience […]

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