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TradeDepot Pre-Series B In recent months, about 150,000 Russian troops have been deployed to Ukraine’s borders. According to the BBC , Ukraine’s move towards European institutions is the basis of Russia’s problems with Ukraine. Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, demands that Ukraine remain neutral.

As the increasing military presence in Ukraine causes rising tension and panic worldwide, the number of Africans studying in the country becomes a major concern. African students in Ukraine make up 20% of international students. This Quartz Africa article explores the fate of 4,000 Nigerian students studying in Ukraine.

Meanwhile , in 2017 we conducted a survey showing how much the average Nigerian in tech earns. However, five years have passed, and we want to portray the current situation. If you work in tech, please take this quick survey and help update our data.

Today, I’m discussing: TradeDepot’s acquisition of Green Lion

Voyance’s $500k pre-seed

TradeDepot acquires Green Lion

Since my induction into the tech ecosystem, I’ve considered the African market unprepared for eCommerce.

However, recent investments, acquisitions, and a renewed business model is boosting my confidence in the sector. While we are on the topic, African eCommerce and embedded finance platform, TradeDepot has acquired Green Lion, Ghanaian B2B eCommerce startup.This comes two months after TradeDepot raised $110 million in equity and debt financing to offer its buy now, pay later (BNPL) services for African informal businesses.TradeDepot has a presence in Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. And this acquisition sees the absorption of a significant Ghanaian competitor in a $24.4 billion retail market. Twinning: Founded in 2018, Green Lion digitises the operations of neighbourhood retailers and ensures a constant supply of essential goods. Interestingly, both companies operate the same B2B eCommerce model.TradeDepot wants to leverage Green Lion’s data, technology, and robust logistics to connect more neighbourhood retailers […]

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