Check out the journey from digital money to e-commerce with the Mission20 token, which will have its own e-commerce platform soon

April 26: Mission20 will move e-commerce one step closer to Blockchain Technology by implementing an open distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties in a decentralized manner, resulting in trust, faster transactions, no hidden charges, and so on.

The Mission20 platform will begin with the initial installation of M20 when it launches in 2021. (M20 token). Ecommerce websites and smartphone apps will also be launched by the corporation. Mission20 is a “Digital Asset,” a token that can be readily swapped for other digital assets or cash, and it makes transactions using the Utility Token (M20) or cryptocurrency. The company is still in its infancy, but its products—Mission20 Shop, Mission20 Food Delivery, Mission20 Learning System, and Mission20 Grocery Delivery (Web + Smartphone Apps)—are cutting-edge. The company is banking on the ecommerce market’s multi-fold growth over the last several decades, which has switched toward bitcoin transactions.

“Mission20 is the bridge,” as the firm puts it. We plan to build a fully working ecommerce marketplace that will act as a shop where buyers may buy a range of things using cryptocurrencies and other payment methods. We’re also working on a Payment Gateway that can be incorporated on partner and existing ecommerce websites, giving customers the opportunity to pay using bitcoin.” With the usage of Mission20 tokens, the company will boost online transactions (M20). The Learning Management System will be improved as part of Mission20’s rollout to make it easier to create new users who will be able to learn about cryptocurrency and invest in it. The business has a certain goal in mind.”repair existing ecommerce’s inability to benefit from the multifaceted world of Blockchain Technology.”

Find out how Mission20 is changing the way you buy things
The most anticipated platform has arrived — a cryptocurrency-enabled marketplace where customers may purchase a wide range of […]

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