TEL AVIV, Israel, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Loox, the leading Product Reviews & Referrals solution for Shopify merchants, announced today it was recognized in the 2022 eCommerce Technology Index as a top performing Customer Reviews solution. The report, which was conducted by YOTTAA , is designed to help retailers research new innovative features for their sites and understand the impact 3rd party technologies can have on site performance and digital experience.

The data in this report was collected over the course of a month (January 2022) representing 4 billion page views, and more than 788 billion 3rd party resource timing events from the 1,500 eCommerce sites using YOTTAA’s digital experience optimization solutions. As part of its platform, YOTTAA’s 3rd Party Knowledge Base is a comprehensive repository of 3rd party data that grows with every page view, adding hundreds of millions of real shopper data points every day. Download the full report for more details .

The YOTTAA platform also detects site performance violations of individual 3rd parties. These violations are used to create Performance Impact Ratings (PIR). Using these PIRs, YOTTAA assigned a color code of red, yellow, and green to each 3rd party evaluated in the index across the most frequently adopted eCommerce technology categories. Slower loading 3rd parties are labeled red, neutral are yellow, and faster loading technologies are green.

Loox was named one of the fastest performing solutions in the Customer Reviews eCommerce category.

“Coming from the merchant side of eCommerce, we knew speed was key for an online store’s success,” said Yoni Elbaz, CEO of Loox. “At the same time, being able to showcase your happy customers is crucial to boosting conversion rates, so since its launch, our team has been focused on perfecting our app’s performance, in order to give merchants the best of both worlds”

Loox currently […]

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