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Sponsored Importance of Ecommerce and Email Marketing

eCommerce is the electronic version of commerce that deals with online trading. It is important as it removes the barriers in the way of progress. The progress is limited because of strict trade sanctions and due to national and international borders. However, eCommerce works beyond the borders and traders earn money even if they are sitting hundreds and thousands of miles away from their customers. This version of trade and commerce is beneficial for persons, nations, and societies as it helps them to earn money without wasting their time searching for customers from street to street. This requires strong marketing and promotion to occupy more space around the globe. Email marketing is considered to be the best source for better promotion. How to make email marketing more effective

Email marketing is the process of reaching more people through emails. It enables them to contact the customers directly which is more effective than any other medium of promotion and brand awareness. It is the need of the hour to make it more effective by reaching more people. Furthermore, It is only possible if more emails are sent to more people containing the message of the companies. Business organizations use different tools to launch email campaigns to spread their message to more people without wasting time and money. The software applications are designed to send messages to more people automatically. Moreover, the performance of the campaigns is monitored and analyzed through these tools. Top Tools for email Marketing

Following are the top tools used by the experts and beginners to expedite the process of approaching people and enhancing sales.

> Mailercloud : It is email marketing software designed for email marketing with salient features of drag-and-drop, segmentation, automation, and personalization.

MailChimp […]

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