How Roman Cresto Thrived in a Shifting Environment With Ecommerce

The year 2020 and the advent of the COVID pandemic caused a major shift toward online shopping. According to the United Nations , global ecommerce jumped to a $26.7 trillion industry, fueled by COVID-19. Digitalization has taken over the marketplace, proving to be a huge opportunity for dropshippers to scale up their careers. Like any business field, dropshipping also has challenges that require proper insight and experience. This is where e-commerce automation companies have stepped in. They manage clients’ e-commerce stores, helping them scale up their revenue with minimal involvement in the business.

Empire Ecommerce is one of the largest e-commerce automation companies in the US, founded by Roman Cresto . Always an ambitious entrepreneur, Roman left college to start his dropshipping empire. He was quick to figure out his area of interest in e-commerce and wasted no time honing his skills through advanced mentorship. Benefitting from the expertise of experienced professionals cut his learning period in half, fast-tracking his business to success. After gaining robust knowledge in dropshipping, Roman started monetizing it by launching his e-commerce automation company.

Within a short period, he was generating millions in revenue by selling on Walmart, Amazon, and Facebook. This initial success was a huge boost, allowing Roman to reach the heights of success he enjoys today. Throughout his career, Roman has abided by a few principles and fool-proof business strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs.

One of these major principles is client satisfaction. For Roman , this has always been the priority. Unsatisfied customers became his best source of learning, and this way, he was able to widen the exposure of this company through word-of-mouth recommendations. Happy clients brought many others to his company, taking up his client base to over 750 in a few years. Roman still follows the same fundamental concept, focusing on his […]

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