Ghost Mannequin Product Photography - Tips For Ecommerce Apparel Photography

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Ever thought how to showcase your apparel for a successful sale? Professional product photographer can easily achieve this with their skills and experience.

EtherArts is a professional product photography studio in Atlanta, GA. It is highly recommended by companies across industries, like jewelry, apparel, products, cosmetics, industrial and more.” — Aarti Rane- EtherArts

ATLANTA, GA, USA, May 27, 2022 / / — For a long time, mannequins have been an important prop for product photography. However, as the eCommerce industry is evolving, sellers are looking for ways to grab shoppers’ attention. Mannequins, while important to give products their shape, can also be distracting.Aarti , a professional product photographer Atlanta for more than a decade at EtherArts Product Photography, explains, ‘Without a doubt, mannequins make product images more professional and consistent. But I have found that when we create a ghost mannequin effect for product images, customers are more desirous about the product.’For eCommerce businesses, product photography is important. Around 75% of online shoppers decide whether to buy a product or not based on the quality of the product. Ghost mannequin photography is becoming an efficient and cost-effective way to promote products to online buyers.’The challenge for the eCommerce apparel business is tough. Apparel can’t be put on shelves or a table and clicked. Such images won’t appeal to the customer. This is why brands spend a fortune hiring models for apparel product photography. Ghost mannequin photography can get the same results for sellers without the added expense of models. We have mastered the art of cheap apparel photographer ‘What is Ghost Mannequin Photography? Ghost mannequin photography is becoming popular because it gives customers a better idea of the product without any distractions. The ghost […]

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