5 Best Tips To Improve eCommerce User Experience

With the increasing competition in the eCommerce market, it has become challenging to keep the clients interested long enough to make the sale.

Around two billion people purchase goods or services online. In fact, by 2025, world eCommerce sales are likely to exceed $7.3 trillion.

Moreover, there are around 12-24 million online stores globally. However, only 6,50,000 generate annual sales over $1000.

This shows that the market is huge, competition is high, and the number of eCommerce sites is increasing, but only a few are able to generate sales.

Therefore, the best way to gain customer attention and drive sales is by improving user experience.

Here are the reasons, why a seamless user experience is important to the success of your eCommerce business:

● 51% of customers switch to competitor brands if they have one negative experience.

● 68% of customers are ready to pay more for products and services from a brand that offers a good customer experience.● 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase if they receive a positive customer experience.● Businesses can improve their revenue to 4% to 8% above their market by prioritizing better customer experience.But how will you improve the eCommerce user experience?Well, this guide explains the top five ways that you can use to offer a great customer experience.Let’s start! 1- Provide Personalized Customer Experience Around 80% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from an eCommerce business that offers a personalized experience.Here are the best personalization strategies that you can try:● Build personalized homepages: If you are collecting cookies on your eCommerce website, then you can use that information to understand your customers better. Use this information to remember your customer’s interests and preferences and create personalized homepages for them.● Offer personalized guide: Provide on-site assistance to your visitors with quizzes and size, style, and […]

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