How to avoid the Email Spam Box

Since we are in September, this morning I was surprised to find in my spam box some unread messages from August. I am a subscriber to a LOT of newsletters. Some don’t know how to do it right. It’s not their fault, the person that show them how, didn’t know what he was doing. So the owner of the mailing list reproduce a bad way of doing it.

It’s too bad because some messages I found in my spam box was a series about the launch of a new golf training program in August. So if it happens to me , it happens to the majority of his subscribers. It’s a big waste of money for that instructor.

Basics of How to avoid Spam box

  • NEVER put the NAME of the subscriber in the subject line, NEVER.
  • NEVER use emoticons in the subject line
  • NEVER use a price in the subject line
  • NEVER put a price on the P.S. section
  • NEVER use a link that says “Hurry up ! Click here”
  • Just write like you were writing to a friend