DealCart enables affordable ecommerce for 220m Pakistanis as it secures $4.5m funding round

DealCart is laser focussed on price sensitive users looking for high-value and affordable products to offset inflation.

Karachi, Pakistan –News Direct– DealCart

With record levels of inflation around the world and households looking for savings on purchases. Social commerce platform DealCart has launched to provide them with access to affordable products in a gamified and interactive manner. In doing so, the startup is today announcing a $4.5 million pre-seed funding. DealCart unlocks value by enabling communities to ‘buy together and save together’ with a focus on providing national visibility to locally manufactured brands.

It’s one the largest investments in the MENAP region for early-stage startups and comes just three months into their operational set up. The round was led by Shorooq Partners with participation from Fatima Gobi Ventures, Vibe Capital, 500 Global, i2i Ventures, Julian Shapiro, Rally Cap Ventures, Alex Lazarow and several strategic angel investors. In it together: DealCart team is unlocking value helping people to “buy together and save together” DealCart founders Haider Raza and Ammar Naveed are addressing the unmet needs of the ecommerce marketplace in Pakistan by bringing value to underserved customers. Despite the burgeoning growth of smartphone and internet penetration, e-commerce usage remains low among the middle and lower middle-income segments that constitute the majority of the country’s 220 million people (and primarily serving higher income segments). As such, the current e-commerce landscape in the country is skewed towards large ticket electronics, fashion and the convenience value proposition provided by quick commerce.

With DealCart, the idea is to unlock value for the majority of the country that values affordability above all else. By allowing users to buy in groups and sharing deals on WhatsApp and other social media platforms, DealCart will empower customers and give them the ability to place larger orders versus buying alone. This will […]

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