Do not neglect your page 404

If a person accesses the 404 error page of your site, it may be your fault, the visitor, or his cat who crossed the keyboard while typing a URL. Anyway, you want your 404 page to help get them back to the right place.

So, at a minimum, your 404 page should have links to your most important pages. This will help guide people who know exactly what they are looking for.

But what about those who have followed a bad link or an expired offer? They could just leave your site ... unless you give them a reason not to do it.

Yes, this is another great place to promote your best value added, low commitment offer. 

Author: Michel Paquin

Automation and Optimization of Internet Sales Systems Consultant

Michel Paquin is a consultant specialized in automation and optimization of Internet sales systems! He has founded 5 successful companies since 2002, all focused on internet sales and pre-sales. He has lived the evolution of internet marketing throughout his entrepreneurial career by offering subscription services, SaaS packages or pre-qualifying potential customers (leads and prospects). Since 2002, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs succeed in deploying their business on the Web. He is certified Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM).