Choose the name of your company and its domain name

Obvious will you say to me?
Even if it sounds simple, the name of your company is extremely important. Do it incorrectly and it can cost you a lot of money as an entrepreneur.

Think about how your business name could be formulated into a domain name for your website. It's crucial to keep it simple so people can remember it easily. If possible, avoid hyphens and especially spelling errors when writing your domain name.

The ideal is to match words that are evocative of your business environment. Thus your name is easier to remember and it will help the referencing of your website in the search engines.

A good example is
The combination of the trade name plus the name of the entrepreneur has the advantage of being direct, simple, evocative and easy to remember.

The choice of a good domain name is essential. Your customers must be able to memorize it easily. Your domain name must represent your business or project, while being as short as possible. Remember that your domain name is also used for your email addresses.

If your domain name is long and hard to remember, your email addresses will be too. Make sure you make a wise choice. The domain name must include a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 63 characters and / or numbers, no accented or special characters except the hyphen (-) (to be evidenced if possible).

If you are thinking about filing a trademark, avoid using a word that already exists to describe your service or product. Play with the letters, with the syllables, create a rhythm, a word that is easy to remember and with which you can not make mistakes.

You have found ONE, the perfect name.
You hasten to share it with a friend to hear his opinion.
- Your company name is great! It sounds good, it's evocative, but
(The words that kill a lot of marketing effort) ...How do you write it?

Do you plan to do business in French AND in English? Try to find a domain name that can be used in both French and English. Some companies use 2 distinctive names to have a distinctive referencing and make a specific marketing for each language. It costs more and requires more effort. It all depends on your project.

For a single name for both languages you can have only one website but with a specific version per language that is presented in a directory.

Example: (for french) (for english)

For a different name for both languages you can have two separate websites. Which allows a better SEO but it requires more resources. I will explain SEO in another article.

Example of 2 separate websites: (pour français)  (for english)

Check the availability of your name
A domain name is an Internet name that is licensed for use for a period of time. This user license takes the form of a renewable subscription each year.

There are tools to check if a domain name is available. This tool will check in various databases " Whois " if the use of a letter sequence is already reserved. If not, you can reserve the use of the domain name.

The costs of this license vary a bit from one provider to another. That's around $ 19.95 a year for rights to use a .COM. Which is perfectly reasonable to have the exclusive right to use your own .COM. However, by ordering a web hosting package from the host Likuid the domain name is free.

They have servers located in several countries thus promoting a better local referencing with the visitors of your site. They offer first level technical support and in French.

Do your homework!
Do not stop there. Look for everything related to your new name in Google.
Is there a company similar to yours that uses a name similar to the one you found?
Does an obscure sect use a name that could be mistaken for yours?

Check with the business register. For Quebec it's here
(In the page it's the button in the left navigation bar)

Caution : I am not a lawyer, for legal advice consult a lawyer.