Golf Marketing Hacker. I help golf instructors to find clients with new Marketing ways.

Find more students.
Sell more courses by internet.

There are new ways to recruit students or sell courses online. I can teach you which ones and how to use them!

I help entrepreneurial golf instructors to optimize their service offerings on the Internet as well as their online presence. I coach and teach them how to make more sales while using today's digital tools.

Social media promotion strategies have changed

I can teach you what works NOW!

A MasterClass
for golf instructors
will be launched soon.

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Hi !
My name is
Michel Paquin

I am a digital marketing consultant for golf professionals

I have founded 5 successful companies since 2002, all geared towards sale and pre-sale by Internet.

I lived the evolution of Internet marketing throughout my entrepreneurial journey by offering subscription services, SaaS packages or pre-qualifying potential customers (leads and prospects). I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to successfully deploy their business on the Web.

I am a golf enthusiast. I have been a member of the Country Club Montreal since 2010.

I am now aligning my marketing knowledge with the golf industry.

My mission is to help the golf industry sell more! 

I think we can grow our industry by giving golf lessons to as many people as possible. In my opinion, we could achieve the following results:

  • More golfers
  • More golf games by golfer
  • More fun by golfer
  • More money to share in the golf industry

I can teach you a new approach to using social media to:

  • Generate maximum impact in a minimum of time
  • Recruit golfers more easily for your golf lessons
  • Increase your sales
  • Become quickly a key expert in your market

Merci beaucoup pour cette belle rencontre @Michel Paquin, te connaître m’a appris à découvrir de nouveaux horizons pour mon entreprise !

Bernard Smith , École de golf Bernard Smith