The World’s Top ECommerce Markets

1. China

China is now the biggest eCommerce market in the world. The eCommerce market in China is forecast to reach over $US 3 trillion in 2024.The country is continuing to grow and is home to a large group of people who have disposable income.

2. The United States

The USA ranks second in the global eCommerce market. The United States market is expected to grow to $US 563.4 billion by 2025.

3. The United Kingdom

The UK eCommerce market is ranked at number three and expected to grow to $US 119 billion by 2025.

4. Japan

Japan is fourth with fast-growing eCommerce markets. Japan is estimated to grow to $US 3.4 billion by 2025. 5. South Korea South Korea is ranked fifth in the world. Their eCommerce revenue is expected to reach $US 99.2 billion by 2025. 6. Germany Germany is sixth in the world and the top country in the EU after Brexit. Germany is expected to grow to an estimated $US 85 billion. 7. France French eCommerce comes in seventh in the world. France is expected to grow to over $US 72 billion in 2025. 8. India India is a fast-growing eCommerce market and is expected to reach $US 200 billion by 2026. 9. Canada Canada is ranked ninth. Their revenue is projected to surpass $US 40 billion by 2024. 10. Spain And in tenth place, Spain. The number of eCommerce users in Spain is expected to grow to 36.9 million in 2025.

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