Do shoppers need protection to use your ecommerce site?

What risks do shoppers have when buying from you? Do you know what a slam dunk, a golf driver and the centre filling of an oreo cookie all have in common?

If you said…

”yeah Mike, those are some of your favourite things in life, right?”

And I’d say…”yeah, you’re almost right, but…”

There’s just one problem.

After I do my morning stretches I might be 5”9 on a good day, so dunking has never been a solid part of my basketball game.

As much as I wish, I was never like Mike (Jordan).

And while I’m being brutally honest, I actually prefer the cookie part of an Oreo…More so than the filling.Blasphemy I know…so kill me in the comments, I can take it.And I’ve never met a golf driver that can hit the ball straight.For some damn reason, every golf driver I buy always hits every ball with a slight curve to the right.Ok a curve may be a bit generous…let’s just call it a shank, but…I insist it’s the club.And like some of you, I have a love-hate relationship with golf.But there’s another reason and yeah I know it’s not the club’s fault…it’s the caddy ;-)So go back in time with me a few seasons ago…It was spring 2019.I was itching to get onto the course with my golf buddies and hit some trees balls.So I went to the shed and looked at my golf bag and thought…Yeah why not, I deserve a new golf club set.Now like most sports or activities, the equipment and specifically the expensive equipment usually isn’t necessary…Especially if you’re a shanker beginner like me.Actually, I take that back.If you’re going parachute jumping or rock climbing, I’d probably recommend buying the good shit.If you’re doing any death defying hobbies, buy the expensive equipment…I mean why not, right?Ok so I goto […]

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