↩️ Unretirement is the new retirement

Today we have a special treat for y’all. Codie Sanchez, whose newsletter, Contrarian Thinking , is one of our faves, agreed to share her takes on investing, business, and financial freedom every couple weeks — starting today. We’re calling it Codie’s Corner, and you’re going to love it. � P.S. Today is the last day to enter our power boost giveaway for a chance at one of ten $1k gift cards. More details below. In today’s email: Un-retirement: Millions of retirees want to work again.

Chart: The cities where women earn more than men.

Codie’s Corner: A framework for buying dumb things.

Around the web: Tiny goats, tiny homes, search engines for better writing, and more cool internet finds.

� On the go? Listen to today’s podcast to hear about why un-retirement is the new retirement, the reason Etsy sellers are going on strike, Joe Rogan’s shaky future with Spotify, and more. The big idea Millions of Americans retired early. Now they want to work again

Unretirement is the new retirement. Peloton nabbed a retired CEO to lead the company out of Americans’ storage closets. Howard Schultz returned to Starbucks. And Tom Brady lasted ~40 days in retirement before deciding to return to the NFL (and to a cascade of memes roasting him). The superstar quarterback and deep-pocketed CEOs were just following the crowd. After a retirement boom over the last 2 years, the share of retirees reentering the workforce has ticked up to levels unseen since early March 2020, per The Wall Street Journal . Money, security, and old age lead people to retire

And after a brief pandemic recession, housing prices and the value of financial assets soared from spring 2020 to late summer 2021. Plenty of graying boomers, whose savings were shaken by the Great […]

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